Fighting your body

Breathing, it’s essential right. Seems simple enough. Nope it’s not. 

Especially when you have asthma. 

So I’d had a cough for weeks and it didn’t amount to anything, kept telling myself, oh it’ll just be viral, no point going to my GP. 

Then, couple of nights ago, it got really bad, was up all night coughing, struggling to catch a breath at times, contacted my GP in the morning, got an emergency appt. Turns out it was an exacerbation of my asthma brought on by a chest infection. 

Gave me a weeks penicillin, new inhaler and told me to self certificate myself off work for a week. 

Phoned work as soon as I got home, boss wasn’t too happy as with people on annual leave etc, it wouldn’t be easy to cover all my shifts. 

She then told me, she’d “allow” me to have the week off and self cert but that I’d have to work a few of my days off once back, to make up for the people who’ve had to cover for me whilst off. 

Now feel free to disagree with me if you like but… 

Firstly, what was she allowing exactly? My GP had told me I needed the time off, to ensure that the infection cleared completely and my asthma got back under control, I was taking the time off, I wasn’t asking her permission for it. 

Secondly, a few months ago a bout of sickness went around the home and herself and three other people were off with it at the some time, plus people were off on annual leave. I worked over 100 hours that week, never got any thanks for doing so and never got any hours paid back to me like she’s wanting me to do now!! 

Am I being selfish? 

N x

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